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How to Fix "No Boot Device Available" in Windows 7

Hi, I am going to share you that how can you fix "No Boot Device Available in Windows 7 and may be Windows 8 & 10. Below, I am sharing some possible reason for no boot device available error.

no boot device found

Possible reasons for “No boot device available” error

  • Boot from disk that doesn’t contain operating system.
  • MBR or boot sector on the bootable disk is corrupted.
  • The bootable disk is physically damaged
  • You compute is infected with viruses.

Above listed reason might for this error messages

  • No boot device – insert boot disk and press any key
  • Boot Device Not Found
  • Please install an operating system in your hard disk
  • No Boot Device Found. Press any key to reboot the machine

How to Fix?

Fix 1. Check boot order and reset BIOS settings to default

  1. Turn off your computer and wait for a while.
  2. Restart the computer and press certain key to enter BIOS Setup menu.
  3. On the BISO Setup interface, press certain key to select and load the BIOS Setup Default settings.
  4. Save changes exit and follow the prompt to restart computer.

Fix 2. Run Startup Repair with Windows installation disc

  1. Insert your Windows installation disc to your computer and boot from it.
  2. In the Install now screen, click “Repair your computer”.
  3. In the System Recovery Options window, select “Startup Repair”.

Fix 3. Run Bootrec commands with Windows installation disc

  1. Boot computer from Windows installation disc and choose “Command Prompt” in the System Recovery Options window.
  2. In Command Prompt window, input command lines below and press Enter after each.
            bootrec /fixmbr
            bootrec /fixboot
            bootrec /scanos
            bootrec /rebuildbcd

Then exit from Command Prompt interface and restart your computer.


When you are trapped in boot failure with “No boot device available” error in Windows 7/8/10, find out the most proper one among fixes presented above to fix this error. If you are still unable to boot Windows computer successfully, try to check the bootable hard drive or run anti-virus software

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