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How to Connect Laptop to Mobile for Internet

Hello everyone, today i show you how can you connect your laptop to your mobile for internet access. Today lots of user have a smart phone and every smart phone has wifi and wifi hotspot so now you can easily connect to internet on your laptop via mobile phone.

How to Connect Laptop to Mobile

How to Connect Laptop to Mobile?

Here, I am going to share how can you connect step by step..

Mobile Setting
  1. Goto your mobile phone setting
  2. Then goto network setting or mobile network
  3. Then choose Tethering & portable hotspot
  4. Then you need to enable Portable WLAN hotspot 
Laptop Setting
  1. After enable hotspot in mobile come to laptop
  2. Then on wifi on your laptop
  3. Then click on wifi icon which is showing left lower corner on your desktop.
  4. Then select wifi name which is belongs to your mobile.
  5. Then click on wifi name and then enter password if asked.
  6. Now you are connected to your mobile wifi with your laptop.
  7. Goto your browser and access any website to check that are you connect or not.
Please write comment if are facing difficulty after follow above step i will reply to you. 

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