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What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual Memory is where huge projects can store themselves in type of pages while their execution and just the necessary pages or bits of procedures are stacked into the principle memory. 

This method is helpful as huge virtual memory is accommodated client programs when an extremely little physical memory is there.
what is virtual memory

In genuine situations, most procedures never need every one of their pages on the double, for following reasons :

  • Mistake dealing with code isn't required except if that particular blunder happens, some of which are very uncommon. 

  • Exhibits are regularly larger than average for most pessimistic scenario situations, and just a little division of the clusters are really utilized by and by. 

  • Certain highlights of specific projects are once in a while utilized.

Benefits of having Virtual Memory

  • Enormous projects can be composed, as virtual space accessible is immense contrasted with physical memory. 

  • Less I/O expected, prompts quicker and simple trading of procedures. 

  • Increasingly physical memory accessible, as projects are put away on virtual memory, so they consume exceptionally less space on genuine physical memory.

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