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Malware Attacking the Android System Targets the Banking Applications

Cybersen, a cybersecurity company, has revealed malware in the Android system targeting banking applications and cryptocurrency wallets.
EventBot malware can disguise itself as a legitimate Android application such as “Adobe Flash” or “Microsoft Word,” and work to abuse the accessibility built into Android to obtain deep access to the device’s operating system.

Once installed, any application that contains malware quietly steals passwords for more than 200 banking and encryption applications, and it intercepts the text message codes that access the device for use in the two-factor authentication feature, according to AIT NEWS, a technology news website.

By using victim passwords and two-factor authentication codes, hackers can hack into bank accounts, apps, wallets, and steal victim’s money.

And “Cybersen” explained that the malware records every click and press of the device’s keys, and it can read notifications from other installed applications, giving hackers a window to what happens on the victim’s device.

Over time, the software sends the passwords of banking applications and cryptocurrencies to the hacker server.

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