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If Laptop Battery is not Charging then these Possible Reason could be

The computer works with high efficiency and very great performance, but the issue of having problems at the level of charging the computer here becomes more disturbing for many, such as problems we find not responding to the charger while merging it with the computer but in the original and specifically you will not be assured that the problem is actually related to the charger for this.
In this post we will share some of the possibilities that could be the reason behind the problem of not charging the computer battery and this will actually help you in building a rough picture about the problem to make it easier for you to solve.

Reasons can be the reason for not charging the computer battery

Important matter, my friend, first of all, it must be ensured that the electrical outlet that you use works well and does not encounter any problems, in order to eliminate all doubts about it. Also, a second important point that must be taken care of is to check that the battery of the laptop is integrated Good and in this case it is advisable to disconnect and reinstall it.

But before trying to check that the metal that conducts electricity between the battery and the computer does not have any impurities, it was tried again to charge the computer in case the problem was resolved, this is a good thing either In the event of the opposite here, you only need to use the following possibilities that will help you solve your problem.

Check the safety of the battery

As a practical plan to make sure that the computer battery works well or not, you only need to disconnect the battery on the computer, then try to keep pressing the computer operation button for about 15 seconds without conducting electricity with the computer, as this process helps you to release any electrical charge to the computer.

After that, directly connect the computer charger to the computer itself and then turn it on, in this case if the computer worked well unlike the work that was occurring when the battery was integrated and you will notice that the brightness of the screen is different and also you will notice that the charger icon has illuminated in this The case will be the problem in the battery.
As for computers that have batteries built into the computer and require the removal of the computer cover to reach the battery in this case, it is advisable to leave the matter to the specialists in maintenance in order not to encounter any problems when trying to experiment.

Ensure that you are using the correct port for charging

This will happen to users of computers that use the USB-C port for charging, as what has become of modern technology for computers is that the USB-C port has been relied upon as a port for connecting external devices and at the same time as a port for charging the computer, but with the many uses, companies have become in the computer support two ports for USB -C Instead of one, the first is for charging and the second is for connecting external devices and data transfer ... In the event that your computer gets two ports in this case, you just have to make sure the port that you use to charge the computer is the same port that the charging code is adjacent to.

Check the power of the charger

It is very likely that the charger that you use to charge the computer is no longer strong enough to provide the computer with full power to charge, and this is also similar to phone chargers. After a period of use has passed, its efficiency in charging the battery becomes weak, and here comes the role to buy a new phone charger. In this case, all you have to do is borrow a charger from your friends who owns such a charger that you use with your computer and try to try it, or go to the shops selling chargers in your city to try the matter and make sure this possibility is safe.

Computer overheating

The computer's built-in battery is more sensitive to each extra heat, and here the possibility of a high temperature of the computer may have an impact on the battery compounds responsible for providing information to the system regarding the charge rate. Large that it will display to you that the battery is empty and does not charge.

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