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How to Know the Appropriate Domain Name for Your Website 2021

Most content makers and website creators know what a domain name is, but if you are a beginner, then the domain name is what is called the site name, and this is an example (www.example.com).

The domain name is the first brick in building the site in one way or another. You may create your domain name, but it will not be as strong or as good as the quality of the domain names provided by the companies responsible for selling domain names.

In this regard, there are many leading companies in the sale of domains, including the company (domain right now), GoDaddy, and Naeemeapeap (namecheap). All these companies and others are responsible for selling domain names as well as selling most services related to websites.

However, ICANN remains responsible for the distribution and management of IP addresses, domain names, and the assignment of top-level domain names worldwide. After we got to know the domain name partly, let’s get to know the top-level domain because we had paid for this topic.

So what is the top-level domain?

The top-level domain or top-level domains (TLD) is one of the highest levels in the Internet’s hierarchical domain name system. For example, at (www.example.com), we find that the top-level domain is (.com.) This is a set of old top-level domains (.com, .org and .net) from a new top-level domain (london,. shop., .app, .today, .live.) and others

What has changed in the top-level domain system?

Not long ago, the top-level domain name (.com) was the most important name for websites that wanted to top search engines and read it net.
This is known in the technical field, but in May 2010, the first batch was applied in the domain name system for developing countries, and among them were some Arab countries, which is called the top-level domains of countries, for example (ma.) For Morocco and (DZ.) For Algeria to There are no countries and names. But ICANN (and ICANN) and its affiliates in managing and administering top-level domains have not only rated the internationalized domain name but have classified the domain names like this:

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

* STLD Top Level Domains.

* Top Level Domains that are not affiliated with a public organization or uTLD.

Internet Infrastructure Top Level Domain (.arpa)

ICANN did not stop here but decided to classify the names of the generic top-level domains according to the site’s specialties. For example, tourism websites use travel. News sites, shop. And other names and domains.

How this update will help us?

What matters to us is that the algorithms of search engines such as the giant Google and Ping  etc. have become dealing with the top-level domain name on the basis that it is a description of the site or rather it has become a standard for classification of the site content for search spiders and drew their attention to visit the site contrary to what was recognized as (com). 

It was often leading the search results and was the fastest in terms of archiving and other features, but not long ago (com.) Lost that position in some specialties (Nishat) so the new names became more system for the Internet and became a priority for the top-level domain names specialized in its field as well as was done Including the top domain name is a priority. 

The site appears in the search results for a specific word, meaning that if you want to work in the tourism field, it is better if the domain name ends with (travel.) Instead of (com.) Or (net.) And also, it will be easy for you to find a domain name for your site consisting of a small word, And it ends in (travel.) Unlike the top-level domain name (com.), It isn’t easy to find a suitable domain name that is easy for users to remember.

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