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Here is a List of Fun Games that will help you Break the Boredom of Home Insulation

Staying home for a more extended period is very dull, especially if you limit yourself to using your phone, continually browsing through social networking sites without doing any activity that breaks boredom.
Regarding this aspect, we will share with you a group of the most beautiful and fun games as it is these games that it will then mention the possibility that you haven’t played it before because few know it exists.

Fun games that enable you to discover another world:


What do you think about taking an in-depth sea tour to discover the calmness of that place? If your answer is ok, then you will have to try Seashine.

Searching enables you to explore what is in the depths of the seas, which some considered a dark world except that it has decided on the opposite.

The lamp to get it out before the light is out, and without any doubts, you will encounter on your way with many creatures trying to attack the fire so you will have to move with it and avoid those who try to attack the lamp.

You can download the Seashine game for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the App Store.

Mars: Mars

The world of Mars Everyone dreams of visiting it. Mars: Mars game allows you to discover the features of the Mars planet and that synchronization while you are playing the game, where the game scenario revolves around a spaceman who landed his spacecraft on the surface of Mars.

You, as a player, are only obligated to play With the guidance of the man of space and enabling him to jump on following platforms. Still, descending to touch the ground or collide with the pieces of rocks, the issue will be complicated because the beard of Mars is almost weak when you will have to leave in terms of controlling the jumps from one platform to another.

And also, you will have to collect The points to be converted in the other to the skills added to the spaceman to increase from The game pledged.

You can download Mars: Mars game for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the App Store.

The Trail

Did you search for a game that reflects real life, then, in this case, you will find the game The Trail, the most appropriate match that blocks what you have been searching for, and in the essence of the game, it is the embodiment of human life.

The Trail game puts in your hands the possibility of creating a human character and moving it from place to place Between mountains and forests in search of new discoveries such as purely for animals.

The beautiful thing is that they will not stop only in the process of searching, but you can do tasks such as trade and building your own house. It is more like a man scout’s world who seeks to discover what is new in the world.

You can download The Trail game for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the App Store.

Samorost 3

Perhaps you looked for fantasy and fantasy games, specifically games to unlock puzzles and mysteries of a fabulous nature in this case, you will find the game Samorost 3 is the game that is best suited to what you would like and want about.

The entire game revolves around a character trying to travel through time using one of the ancient statues, and That possesses magical powers and the goal behind travel through time is to search for the truth of the lost assets and here begins the adventure.

The character will have to travel to nine different worlds, and this is really what makes the game entertaining and distinctive, especially if it comes to deciphering the puzzle to be able to move to the next problem Until the threads gathered to reach the Mysterious truth time.

Samorost 3 is available as a paid version for Android devices from the Google Play Store and for iOS devices from the App Store.

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