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Glass Storage an Amazing Technology from Microsoft

Microsoft has demonstrated the ability to store data on glass by demonstrating a unique technology that, after further development, can save data for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The company has demonstrated the efficiency of its new research project, through the cooperation of entertainment giant Warner Brothers to store an original copy of the film “Superman”, which was produced in 1978, on a piece of glass does not exceed 2 mm thick and approximately 7 cm in length.

The glass foil has the advantage of being difficult to destroy, as it is designed to withstand the most difficult conditions. It has been placed inside an oven and microwave, boiled in water and scratched with sharp objects, and proved great efficiency in all experiments.

The Microsoft bottle was designed as part of the Celica project, which aims to find innovative ways to store data for long periods at low cost, according to the site “The Virg”.

Microsoft’s new technology relies on the use of “femtosecond laser” rays, to form what Microsoft called “Voxel”, which is the stereoscopic data accurately engraved on the glass chip that can be read later using an advanced system based on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft explained during its conference “Ignite”, that a single chip can contain more than a hundred layers of stereoscopic data “Voxel.”

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