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6 Websites that help You to Quickly Draw Mind Maps Online

Mind maps are considered one of the essential innovative methods that are adopted for studying, as they contribute to organizing information and determining the links between them by taking the lowest possible number of words and in an innovative way that is easy to remember and memorize.
In this regard, we will try to present, through this topic, a set of websites that allow you to draw your mind maps online and quickly.


It is considered one of the most accessible sites that can be adopted for mental mapping, as it focuses on converting text into an innovative mind map through what is written from the essential points. 

It is sufficient for the learner to write the main title, sub-headings, and then the information they contain in a precise sequential manner for the mental map to be drawn in return. 

The file is adjustable by changing the writing or its levels, and the position of the cells can be easily controlled and installed according to the content before saving.

Website link: TextToMindMap

It is considered one of the best sites that can help you to draw mental maps, due to the variety of possibilities that may be available to you that go beyond the previous section.

Instead of drawing a simple mind map, this site enables you to draw innovative diagrams so that each field of the plan can include a wide diversity of information, such as placing a link to the site, an illustrative picture.

Therefore, through this site, you will get involved and comprehensive mind maps.

This site is likened to a version of Trello but in the form of mind maps.


Not very simple as the first site nor much complicated as the other site, this site offers you one of the best experiences in mind mapping in an innovative and freeway.

It enables you to choose to organize your thoughts and information in the form of a box or outlines in a way that allows you to select the most appropriate for you and the content you want to convert into a mind map. Also, this site enables you to choose the colors that suit you as well as add graphic icons that may help you.

Website link: MindMapNinja


This site also offers you a unique experience in mind mapping, as it puts in front of you a full template of settings that help you to draw maps quickly, whether by adding cells and controlling their position as well as changing their colors and adding images.

In addition to mapping, this site is a complete platform to share mind maps between users, to benefit everyone.

The site offers you the ability to draw three mind maps for free, while you must subscribe to take advantage of its unlimited version.

Website link: Coggle


This site is no different from its predecessor except in being more straightforward, as it enables you to draw mind maps by adopting simple and clear settings that facilitate you to use it comfortably and without complication.

One of the strengths of this site is that it allows you to modify mental maps more efficiently than its predecessors by deleting, adding, or combining cells.

The site is paid out, but it gives you the ability to draw several mind maps for free.

Website link: MindMeister


Here we are in front of a site that goes beyond mental mapping, to a wide range of options that may suit you, as it offers you a lot of diagrams that can be used to simplify the information in proportion to the study materials and lessons that you need to clarify. 

Also, this site allows you to choose how to save without having to create an account to access and use.

Website link: Draw.io

By relying on these sites, you can easily simplify information and draw innovative mind maps that help you study and understand the information in an organized and transparent way.

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